Holding his hand
I crossed water and sand
In his sturdy arm
I felt all warm

Sleeping to his tales
Waking to his tickles
I grew twenty
and he to sixty

Childhood went so far
But he still be my star
You’re different from the crowd
Your daughter be so proud


Life starts where comfort ends.

Life starts where comfort ends. Move out of your house, your city and you will discover that there’s still alot more to learn and experience. You will be your parent when ill, when running out of money. You will understand what struggle is and that will get you more close to your family.
We all somewhere or the other have this fear of being all on our own. Thats when you must remember that you came alone and you will leave alone. The parents who got you in this world will leave you one day then what else is going to stick to you? Thats only you. Once you accept this reality you will accept life. From there on you will build a new life with new people and a better bond with the old people you have.
One day looking back will make you proud of yourself and that day will be the day worth celebrating.


Look deep in her eyes

There stays no lies

Her heart will melt

For the pain you felt

She”ll cook and fight for you

9 months she held you through

You hide deep in her

From reckless world of fear

Such a peaceful soul she is

Her love a bundle of quiz

Checks you every now and then

Over and over again

Bow down to her

She is a mother!

Failure explains success.

Failure explains success. Unless you fail atleast once you won’t understand what succeeding feels like. People may bully you over your failures and make you feel worthless, but what matters is how confident are you about your capabilities?

Lay down facing the sky and talk to yourself. Motivate yourself. Nothing works better than self motivation. Tell yourself you have to walk alone and uninvited opinions are just powerless. What limits you, pushes you to succeed. Its all a matter of willingness.

Time greater than Money

Time is not money but it is something much much greater than money. We can get back the money spent in four years by working for the next four years but,we cannot get back the time we once lived even by paying billions. Make every moment a moment of wisdom, a moment to rejoice, a moment to remember.

Money is never yours, it keeps going from one hand to other but time is yours! You live it and you learn from it. One realises the value of time when one fails to value it. Value every moment you have, ups and downs are just tests of your patience. Rejoice life, rejoice your existence, rejoice every good thing around you and appreciate it for some are still dreaming for those goods to be in their court of life.


Travelling through pages

Lost in time and ages

A book take you to places

Hunting every traces.

Climbing all the mountains

Diving all the oceans

A book take you to places

Hunting every traces.

Through the printed pages

Wonderful freedom in cages

A book take you to places

Hunting every traces.

An Aimless Walk

Aimlessly walking through the yellow wood,

What i found was not all so good,

Weeping at her broken eggs,

Mother bird did move her legs.

Hopping to the river bank

She found her mind all blank

Crying to the king of kings

She sorely spread her wings

All she did was sing a song

For her children who went so long

She sang to the king of paradise

Let my wealthy souls rejoice.

Aimlessly walking through the yellow wood

What i found was not all so good.